Blog - Planetrics releases new PlanetView update

By Charlotte Lovegrove, Analyst

Planetrics is pleased to announce the launch this week of its newest quarterly update of PlanetView®, the Q1 2022 release. The release includes new and enhanced features that complement the existing suite of climate analytics and metrics already available on the platform. These updates ensure that PlanetView remains at the forefront of climate analytics for financial institutions.

New features in PlanetView

Modelling company targets

Companies are increasingly setting climate-related targets. These include emissions reductions goals, including net zero targets, and plans to increase revenues from low-carbon products. For the first time, Planetrics has incorporated these targets for several hundred companies in PlanetView. This enables users to quantify the impacts for a company if it succeeds in achieving its climate targets across a range of scenarios.

Additional demand creation channels

Hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) are expected to play a significant role in the future energy mix in many climate scenarios. This will create additional revenues for companies that are active in these industries. Planetrics now models this additional demand directly, enabling users to assess the potential upside for companies exposed to these activities.

Financed emissions and temperature alignment

Financed emissions are increasingly being used as a measure of financial institutions' climate impact. The new release of PlanetView includes the calculation of portfolio-level financed emissions. PlanetView also quantifies portfolios' emissions intensity and temperature alignment. For temperature alignment, this new release introduces multiple options for weighting individual security scores, including weighting by financed emissions and portfolio weight. This gives users more flexibility in how to measure their climate impact.

Other updates

In addition to these changes, PlanetView has expanded its sovereign bond modelling to include inflation-linked sovereign bonds; and has enhanced its corporate debt analysis by modelling loss given default (LGD) in addition to the probability of default (PD). As with all PlanetView quarterly releases, the underlying data used by the model has been updated to reflect the most recent datapoints available.

Upcoming features in future releases

Planetrics is constantly under development, with a quarterly rhythm for new features and data. The next quarterly release, in April 2022, will include enhancements to physical risk modelling, expanded scenario coverage, and further developments to the temperature alignment methodology.

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