Mobilising finance towards the transition: in focus at COP26

As COP26 takes place in Glasgow on 1-12 November, McKinsey Sustainability has convened a climate-focused virtual event series, Driving the Difference. Tomorrow (Wednesday 3 November), Driving the Difference will focus on mobilising finance featuring CEOs and other leaders who share a commitment to solving the net zero equation. There are three sessions on the agenda:

  • Financing the transition: which will explore how to facilitate an orderly transition, what the main initiatives are for reaching net zero priorities, and what challenges lie ahead.
  • Carbon as an asset class: which will explore the expected development of carbon markets, how carbon can become a new asset class, and the role finance plays.
  • Financing asset decommissioning: which will explore the role finance should play for ensuring a gradual decommissioning of assets triggered by the scaling down of carbon emitting activities.

As part of McKinsey & Company, Planetrics plays a role in supporting McKinsey & Company’s work in this area.

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