Blog - Aligning investors’ portfolios with Net Zero

The IIGCC has launched its Net Zero Investment Framework, a practical tool for investors to align their portfolios with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Planetrics supported several investors in testing the framework while it was being developed.

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Planetrics becomes part of McKinsey & Company

We are excited to announce that as of March 4, Planetrics and Vivid Economics are now part of McKinsey & Company.

Use the link below to read more about the acquistion and how we’ll work with McKinsey in helping clients respond to the critical structural changes facing their organisations.

A note to our valued clients: We will continue to provide our high-quality support to all existing client relationships and projects with you. Client teams and service levels will remain the same. If you have any questions please contact Laure Gravier. We look forward to sharing more about this exciting development soon.

Blog - Transparency and expertise must be companions of climate models in financial markets

To meet the challenges of climate change, the financial sector needs to rely on the latest science and models, but with full understanding of the limitations, uncertainties and assumptions.

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Aberdeen Standard Investment publish climate analysis white paper

Planetrics is proud to have supported Aberdeen Standard Investments in their pioneering white paper “Climate scenario analysis: a rigorous framework for managing climate financial risks and opportunities”.

The paper describes ASI’s approach towards analysing climate risks and opportunities, which includes scenario design, integration of macro-level scenarios with micro-level impacts on individual assets, and probabilistic assessments of the likelihood of alternative future pathways. The approach underpins ASI’s climate-related strategy, investment process, and client solutions.

Blog - 2020 was a watershed year for climate policy and 2021 will follow suit

Governments and the private sector significantly stepped up their commitment to address climate change last year, and the pressure for change will only increase.

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Vivid Economics launches Planetrics climate risk management solution

Vivid Economics, the strategic economics consultancy, today announced the launch of Planetrics, a powerful solution that allows financial institutions to quantify, report and manage climate-related risks and opportunities quickly and easily, down to the level of individual assets.

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Macquarie deploys Planetrics model

Macquarie, a leading financial institution, has published a new report on its implementation of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and climate scenario analysis.

The Planetrics model gave Macquarie an overview of transition risk impacts on credit risk across all major sectors and regions of exposure. It also provided a deep-dive on the impacts of physical risks on Australian real estate and the impact of transition risk for several sectors.

Invesco has published its pioneering 2019 Climate Change Report

Invesco has published its pioneering 2019 Climate Change Report. Invesco used the Planetrics model to support reporting and underlying analysis, which is in line with the Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosures.

The Planetrics model provided Invesco with transition and physical risk climate scenario analysis for several fixed income and equity funds. This analysis was provided alongside carbon intensity and temperature alignment metrics, which together mapped risk and opportunities within Invesco’s investment universe.

Lloyd’s of London uses Planetrics model

Lloyd’s used the Planetrics model and analysis from the London School of Economics Grantham Research Institute to review the effects of decarbonisation scenarios on sectors and regions of the global economy, and the opportunities and challenges this creates for the insurancesector in general and the Lloyd’s market in particular.

The work focuses on the impact of transition and liability risks on general insurance, seeking principally to understand sectoral trends up to 2030, which will inform risks and opportunities over the next 3-5 years.

HSBC Global Asset Management's report

HSBC Global Asset Management (GAM) has published a new report ‘The roads to a low-carbon transition’. HSBC GAM used the Planetrics model to analyse the risks and opportunities from climate action to a portfolio of equities, and develop insights that will enable them to incorporate these into their internal decision making.

The Planetrics model generated climate scenarios, forecasted potential climate action trajectories across multiple regions and sectors; quantified the impacts of those actions on the value of individual securities. This provided HSBC GAM with a detailed assessment of the key risks to asset values, included asset stranding, direct and indirect carbon costs and the impacts of competition between firms with different carbon intensities; as well as green opportunities and potential upside.

Inevitable Policy Response analysis study published

The publication of the Inevitable Policy Response analysis is the results of a collaboration between Vivid Economics, Energy Transition Advisors (ETA) and the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) on the Inevitable Policy Response (IPR). The project used the Planetrics model to power its analysis.

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