The leading climate risk model

Planetrics provides a powerful tool for financial institutions to model and manage climate risks effectively. It combines the best available research and data with a simple, flexible and intuitive interface. It is already being used by leading banks, investors, and other financial institutions globally for a wide range of purposes.

Key features

The Planetrics model empowers you to build more climate-resilient portfolios, protect assets from climate impacts, engage with companies in exposed sectors, and identify new growth and investment opportunities.

It uses a suite of climate, economic and financial models that allow you to estimate the cost of climate risk to your financial assets, and the degree of exposure under any number of climate scenarios.

The result is a granular set of outputs that enable you to build insights and integrate the model’s outputs into your decision-making, governance, strategy, risk management, and reporting.

All risks
All risks

Models all major climate impacts including physical risks and transition risks.

Adjustable scenarios
Adjustable scenarios

Can accommodate fully adjustable scenarios for bespoke analysis.

Quantitive valuation
Quantitive valuation

Produces quantitative valuation of climate impacts at asset, sector, and portfolio level.


Offers flexibility to tailor analysis and focus on the most significant exposures.

Bespoke scenarios

Scenarios allow you to examine the impact of various sources of uncertainty for your portfolios. Planetrics can incorpoate all major third-party climate scenarios, and also allows you to create custom scenarios for your own analysis.

Risk channels

The model helps you to understand multiple climate risk channels, for example physical risks including flooding and changes in agricultural productivity. It also models transition risks such as carbon prices, reductions in demand for fossil fuels and other high-carbon products, and growth in demand for low-carbon goods like solar panels or electric vehicles.

Data driven insights

The Planetrics tool draws together a sophisticated suite of models, covering the economy, energy system, climate, and land use. We also draw on excellent third-party and proprietary data sets. This enables us to create detailed data-driven insights for a range of applications.

Overall Portfolio
  • Overall risk profile by asset class
  • Risk and opportunity hotspots
  • Resilience and stress testing
Specific sectors
  • Outlier companies
  • Competition and cost pass-through dynamics
  • Emerging opportunity areas
  • Risk-return profile
  • Investment strategy
  • Temperature alignment
  • Company-specific drivers of financial impacts
  • Physical exposure to climate risks
  • Investor relations
Real estate
  • Exposure to physical climate risks
  • Implications of changing energy prices
  • Climate adaptation options

Asset classes

The Planetrics model covers four major asset classes. The model simulates the impact of climate risks on individual assets in these classes. This gives you a detailed view of risks across a broad range of assets.


We model climate-driven changes to prices and demand, and the resulting impact on individual companies’ revenues, costs, and earnings. Based on this we calculate changes in equity values.

Corporate debt
Corporate debt

By applying default risk analysis to our company-level modeling of costs and revenue, we can model the impact of climate risks on the value of bonds and other corporate debt.

Sovereign debt
Sovereign debt

We model macroeconomic changes resulting from climate policies, as well as central banks’ responses to those changes, to quantify their impact on the value of sovereign debt.

Real estate
Real estate

We model physical climate impacts on buildings, along with changes in energy costs and energy-efficiency options, to evaluate changes in the value of real estate due to climate.

Access the model in a way that suits you


Our web-based PlanetView interface allows you to easily customize scenarios, securely input portfolio data, and explore or export results.

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API access

Our APIs enable you to integrate the Planetrics tool with your existing systems, and to automate risk management, stress testing, and reporting.

Bespoke solutions

We are able to develop bespoke solutions for accessing the model, including through consulting services and customized software offerings.