A Southeast Asian sovereign wealth fund used the Planetrics model to conduct a detailed analysis of physical and transition climate-related risks.

Planetrics enabled the client to evaluate sector and asset class-level financial value impairments arising from climate impacts. In addition, through a collaboration with the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), Planetrics provided macro-economic and sector-level scenario analysis across major markets to offer an additional top-down perspective on climate risks.

The client also used the security-level impacts estimated by the Planetrics model as the basis for a more detailed analysis of key companies in its portfolio. This analysis factored in unique economic operating circumstances through improved estimates of business and regional segmentation, and adjustments to other financial or economic data, as well as additional calibration of company-level transition and physical risk shocks.

The fund used the analysis to inform its strategic asset allocation and investment decision-making processes.


Sovereign Wealth Fund


Asset owner


Southeast Asia

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