Macquarie used the Planetrics toolkit to support the development of a strategic risk management approach for climate risk. They analysed transition risk impacts on credit risk across all major sectors and regions of exposure for the asset manager. They also looked in-depth at the impacts of physical risks on Australian real estate and explored transition risks for several specific sectors.

This allowed Macquarie to understand exactly where its climate risks are, and to develop a focused risk management strategy in response.




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Aberdeen Standard Investments

Aberdeen Standard Investments used the Planetrics model to understand its investment portfolios’ exposure to climate-driven risks, to help improve outcomes for ASI, its customers, and for the wider global economy.

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HSBC Global Asset Management (GAM) used the Planetrics model to analyze the risks and opportunities from climate action to a portfolio of equities, and develop insights that would enable it to incorporate these risks into the organization’s internal decision-making.

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Invesco used the Planetrics model to evaluate the impact of multiple climate scenarios on its equity and bond investments.

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